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Default Re: Singer Toying With Possible Sequel Villains Already?

I love the constant 'question marks' laid out throughout the article....

Here's my list of vilains that I want to see.

Brainaic: Out of all of them, I would like to see him. I think he's a good middleground, from the likes of Darkseid.

Darkseid: I have a feeling that we will never see him, unless Singer really goes at it. He's too big. It's like having Apolclypse in X4.

Bizarro: He's cool, but he's more of a henchmen type.

Metallo: He has potenial, but they need make less of a Terminator knock off (not that he is).

Parasite: Another favourite. He's has awesome powers and he's not an alien (to my knowledge), so he could kick ass.

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