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Default Re: Singer Toying With Possible Sequel Villains Already?

Originally Posted by Cinemaman
It would be more logical , if Singer used Metallo as the main villian for fighting in sequel and Brainiac at the end.

Then, in third film we will get Brainiac as the main villian and Parasite for 2-3 action scenes.

But I have feeling, Singer will also use Zod.
Im pretty sure Dan Harris and Mike D were planning to use Brainiac if the end of the novelization is the same ending to the film.

Everything seems to lead to his creation in the end.

I'm against Metallo as another villian, I dont see much unique potential with him. Hes literally a thug with a kryptonite heart, a Kryptonite freak of the week.......Smallvilles already overdone that.

Bring on the Brainiac.

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