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Default Re: Singer Toying With Possible Sequel Villains Already?

Originally Posted by Kane
I'd prefer it to be like this:

Superman 2: Brainiac formed from the Kryptonian crystal technology in space as the planet as been reformed out there with him at the core. His creation is a result of Lex Luthor's actions in SR and thus it comes to earth to find Lex Luthor and Kal-El.

Superman 3: Lex Luthor's attempts to bring back Brainiac and channel his power and knowledge begin. Darkseid is planning an Apokolypian invasion of Earth but tries to draw Superman to him using the ransom of a 12 year old Kryptonian child survivor he has in his captivity (Kara Zor El). Superman puts it all on the line to find her and save her.

Superman 4: Brainiac is reconstituted as 'Lexiac'. Kryptonian villians emerge from the Phatom Zone with Lexiac on their side for the big epic battle for Kryptonian supremacy on Earth... General Zod appears with his dark master of pure hate and evil...who orhestrated the conflict between Earth and Apokalips in the previous film for his own enjoyment; Dominus. As this Kryptonian battle begins on Earth, Kara (the child from the previous film) whos now 15/16 years old after living with the Kents in Smallville for all these years....steps up to assist Superman as Supergirl.

World's Finest (with Bale): Joker and Lex, with the muscle of the dark shadows of the world finest duo: Man-Bat and Bizzaro.

That covers all the bases. Again, not using Metallo for him being a typical thug whos a Kryptonite freak (Smallvilles overplayed that).

Not using Doomsday since he was regarded as simply a plot device to kill Supes and thats really all he is famous for (and Superman already dies in Returns at Lex's hands) no need to do it again.
SR2 - Lex will use man to make him Metallo. At the end of sequel, we know that Brainiac (kryptonian technology) was send to Earth.
SR3 - Lex will use Brainiac to get power of the world. But he cant understand that Brainiac uses him more than he uses Brainiac. Parasite is mutant, who want to get money. He is just action villian for fights.

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