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Default Re: Thor's box office competition - Part 2

Just to interject some anecdotal evidence:

Starting this Friday, Thor had a pretty drastic drop in number of screens in the greater Boston area. There were pretty much 5 theater choices for 3D showings, and about 3 choices for 2D, some of those only 1 showing per day. (Things are not looking good for my hope that it'll still be on a screen somewhere when Captain America comes out.)

However, I went to one of those 9pm-only 2D showings last night (viewing #4 for me ), and was interested to find that we had between 50-60 people in the theater for it. I wasn't expecting that many.

It was also a really good cross-section of demographics (sub-title: People-Watching is Fun). There was a smattering of families with under-12 kids there, but also several teens or early-20s singles; a bunch of 20s/30s/40s couples and singles; a woman in her 20s who had brought her mother (or friend in her 50s, whichever); and (notable to me because they sat right behind me), a sort of "double date" group in their 50s or 60s who didn't physically look like geeks but who were (going by their comments) very comics knowledgeable and having a grand time (they still didn't like the FX quality in the Green Lantern trailer; they are totally up for Cowboys & Aliens and Cap; I should say that all of their audible commentary was confined to pre- and post-movie, but there was a lot of audible reaction to the film). More than half the people in the audience (including the older group) stayed for the post-credits scene.

Man, I would have LOVED to know how many of the people in there were repeat viewers.

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