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Default Re: Spider-Jay420's Collection Thread

Originally Posted by nosocialize View Post
I actually replied in that thread to the specific spidey figure i'm talking about. I bet it's going to be impossible to find however...sigh...
I got you, dude. I answered over there too, but Snap Shot Spider-Man. Love that figure! Get him if you can find him. Best Spider-Man ever made.

Originally Posted by Spider-Jay420 View Post
SNAP SHOT SPIDER-MAN. This is one awesome Spider-Man figure. Way more articulation than the Fearsome Foes Spidey, which is currently my favorite one. His shoulders have an extra joint, similar to the SMC Black Costume that was released with the hang glider. They swing out at the shoulder then swing out again and up, if that makes any sense. There is also an extra click joint in the abcrunch. Anyone who has ever tried to pose Spidey in a crouch position knows sometimes they just won't stay there. It won't bend down that far and pops up from the crouch. This one locks in and is ideal on the stand they provided. His hips and legs won't drop down as soon as you let him go.

The head has a definate Romita-Alex Ross look to it and they even sculpted the wrinkles and folds of the mask on the back of his neck. Definately one of the Best looking and comic accurate masks I've ever seen.

The only nitpicky thing for me is the shade of blue they used is very light, I would have liked it a bit darker. The sculpt is fantastic, though, and I'm looking at my new favorite Spider-Man figure.

I have to include Snap Shot Spider-Man too. He might be the best 6 inch Spider-Man figure ever made. You can probably find all these figures on eBay for your buddy.

Nosocialize, this is the one You're talkin' about, right? Yeah, Snap Shot. I use him front and center with my Avengers. He's the best.

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