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Default Re: Freeze breath for mos2:superman/batman

Originally Posted by Szetsilya View Post
Even with an explanation it is still a silly power. The comic book version of the plastic \S/ or mind erasing kiss. When I think of freeze breath I think of Adam West's Batman. Don't as me why.
And I could hVe sworn Superman dodged the military on the ground, I didn't know he flew out the way.
Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
We don't inherently need explanations for everything, but given that he didn't display this power in the last movie we would need some explanation as to why. Maybe he didn't know he could do that yet.
In the documentary science of superman they give a pretty good explanation. As he can go outspace ( being on the Black Zero and didn't need to breath because of his lunge capacity.

DO YOU WANT A "SCIENCE" explanation?
skip to the min 26:34, they give a pretty good explanation of this power.


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