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Default Re: Daredevil reboot in the near future?

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Sadly, the Fantastic Four rights haven't reverted yet, and they won't revert anytime soon unless/until Fox cancels production on their own reboot.
I am still thinking that some agreement with Disney/Marvel (co-funding?) is going to to be reached before production on the FF reboot goes into full swing. I simply don't see how a recent reboot of a critically panned Marvel super-hero team-up duology helmed by a relatively green director and released just 56 days before Avengers 2 with no merchandising support from Disney can be expected to be anything other than a commercial flop.

Ghost Rider, I haven't heard anything. Maybe Sony will let it revert, maybe not; the sequel did poorly, but it still made money.
If Disney/Marvel wanted to use GR for their Dr. Strange film, I can see Sony letting it happen for nominal fee. Per Kevin Feige, Disney/Marvel and Sony have a great relationship at the present time, and I can't see Sony jeapordizing that over a not particularly valuable IP.

On Daredevil - I definitely think TV is the way to go. The character is a hard sell as a film star since he shares a lot of the same characteristics as Batman, only without the long history of TV and film stardom, the great wealth, the fantastic weaponry and the A list rogues gallery. I'd love to see the SHIELD show used as a backdoor pilot to introduce Heroes for Hire and DD.

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