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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - Part 11

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
It was first attached to G.I Joe Retaliation. In my opinion, they should have released it earlier and bought an ad spot for the superbowl. And people were disagreeing with me, that a superbowl ad isn't needed, that the FOX will just let Wolverine's appeal do all the marketing and now look at the domestic gross of TW.
Actually, the argument against the Super Bowl spot was that $4 million dollars could have been better spent elsewhere, and that still holds true, even moreso now. Early awareness wasn't The Wolverine's problem. Overcoming X-Men Origins was, and the trailers failed to do that and would have no matter when they were released.

Given the marketing campaign, what would a Super Bowl spot have accomplished? Get the word out earlier that The Wolverine is a movie people don't want to see? Would the undoubtedly even worse effects of an already questionable looking bullet train sequence have convinced people otherwise? Doubtful. Would it have changed the Japan storyline into something people would have been more interested in? No. Give the movie more star power? No. People just didn't care enough, and no Super Bowl spot was going to change that to the extent The Wolverine would have performed that much better. Want proof? Look at The Lone Ranger. Disney wasted millions upon millions of dollars on a 30 second spot AND an extended trailer, and the movie still bombed.

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