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Originally Posted by hopefuldreamer View Post
To me, the film was joyless for a few reasons:

1. They added to aspects of the origin to make it even more tragic... to the point where they went over the top. There is enough tragedy in finding out your parents and your entire race are gone and you are the only one left. There is so much to be explored there already. And there is enough tragedy in your father dying when your a young man, without making it directly because of you and something you could have stopped from happening.

It just seemed like overkill.
I've heard people say it was silly for him to die in the tornado. People are crazy, they will sacrifice more for their pets than human beings. I don't remember where this was from but there was a survey that asked people if their house was burning with their dog inside and their neighbors house was burning, who would they save if they had a choice. Most said they would save their dog. Anyways, I felt that it showed the respect that he had for his father. His dad didn't think it was time and he sacrificed his life for what he thought was best for his son. Clark respected him that much that he didn't do what he knew he could do.

2. The only reactions we got of 'the public' to Superman was Jenny's line of 'he saved us', which just felt kind of limp. How hard would it have been to have hired a bunch of extras and have more people around coming out of the rubble than just Perry, Jenny and Lombard? To have shots of groups of people all slowly realising they are safe now, pointing as Superman, smiling etc. To be able to actually see evidence of the amount of lives he'd just saved.

But no. All we see is a wasteland of buildings (and probably bodies) and 3 people he's managed to save.
Not true at all. If you look carefully, people are slowly coming from behind the rubble.

They showed a tragic, depressed and lost character - and by the end, he didn't seem like someone who had risen above it all by embracing who he was... he seemed like someone who was now EVEN more scarred and troubled by the events of the film.

I think it was perfect. He doesn't have super human emotions. I think he was overwhelmed by the fact that he had to kill Zod. I think he acted quickly and felt it was his only choice in the situation. Zod said he would never stop. Everything was happening so fast. Maybe in the future Superman will decide differently. Maybe that was behind his cry..."what have I done?", "was that the right thing?", etc. I'm sure that part of his character will be expounded upon in the future.

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