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Default Re: General Star Wars Episode VII News/Speculation Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by kubricklynch View Post
No way Darth Caedus is in the ST. They flat out stated it would be an original story.
Originally Posted by ThePowerCosmic View Post
Yeah, I don't expect to see him either. New and original main characters.
Originally Posted by kubricklynch View Post
Especially since seeing another Jedi fall to the dark side would probably be seen as retreading the PT.
Well they could use characters from the New Jedi Order era but still create original stories within an era that already has a good amount of material depicting what happens in that era. The Clone Wars animated series (R.I.P.) proved that you could create 5 years worth of entertaining stories within an era that was already done to death. This includes new possibilities such as new and original characters like Ahsoka Tano who's fate leaves many possibilities even one where she could very well live to see Luke Skywalker & Co. and maybe fight alongside the Rebel Alliance/New Jedi Order. The same also goes for The Force Unleashed, we still don't know what happens to Starkiller, Juno Eclipse and Rahm Kota.

Besides, JJ Abrams/Michael Arndt/Kathleen Kennedy can't just ignore all the pre-existing post ROTJ lore in the form of novels, video games, comics etc. They will have to acknowledge them at one point when further development occurs. If they completely retcon them, a good amount of fans who appreciate that material will create a large backlash. If they learnt anything from all the prequel haters, being hated by Star Wars fans will screw you up in the long-term(looking at you George Lucas!).

As for having the Sequel Trilogy revolving around Jacen falling to the dark side they don't have to go that route. The movies could start with Jacen Solo already as Darth Caedus along with Lumiya and the legion of Sith they are gathering as the bad guys of the movie. They could incorporate a twist that Jaina/Ben/Luke/Han/Leia etc don't know Jacen is Darth Caedus and they find out in the same manner as Luke finding out who Vader was in The Empire Strikes Back.

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