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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 5

Originally Posted by SpideyFan866 View Post
It's anything but quick:

They all but say "the Johannesberg shoot is for Hulk vs. Hulkbuster".
Could it very well be Hulk vs Ultron Hulkbuster? I mean, maybe Ultron hacks into it? Don't see why they'd fight, Tony I mean.

Also, was anyone underwhelmed by this documentary? Nothing Ultron related whatsoever.

Though, I like how at the end, when they went through the little sequence, they went from Iron man 3, to Thor 2, to the Winter Soldier, To Guardians, skipped AoU, then went to Ant-man.

I'm still gonna be that guy, but I'll be right here to say I told you so when it gets revealed in Ant-man that Pym played some sort of role in setting Ultron is motion. even if it was simply a little piece of software that made the rounds.

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