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Default Re: The Mark MILLAR Official Thread

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
It's tricky but it could be done. I'd like to see Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch on screen.

Either it means Fox and Marvel Studios discussing it to see if they can do a crossover, or Fox includes much younger versions so that Marvel could use different actors as older versions later on if they wanted.

They've been trying to hint at the characters for so long. X1 had a kid speeding (or teleporting) round the basketball court and another one running across the pond at the mansion. X3 had Phoenix dressed almost like Scarlet Witch and alongside Magneto, and Callisto with Quicksilver's speed power. First Class had Beast speeding round the mansion like Quicksilver. And there was a boy who looked like Quicksilver at the end of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, restrained in straps on Stryker's island.

Time for the real ones, I think!
totally agree.

I think once they introduce young Scott and Jean, it would be the perfect moment to use Scarlet and Quicksilver.

Or maybe they could introduce them on the next sequel without adressing their connection, and in the next one to show the big revelation, as Dr tactics suggested "you are the father".

They could easily tell that Eric had a love affair a long time ago, and from those times she got pregnant.

I like the idea of developing this important arc in two sequels, not just in one, because it would feel a bit rushed.

A good writer and director could tell it easily, so lets Fox Singer and Fox feel interested in the near future.

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