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Default Re: What was Mark Waid's issues with the 1986 retelling?

Originally Posted by theMan-Bat View Post
Did you ever notice that those are largely just your opinions of John Byrne's material, and that opinions differ? Surprise, there are people who like things that you don't.
I can tell you flaws of his stories, lots of them, that virtually everyone who's slightly objective will understand.

Also, Big Barda and Superman resisted against Sleez's mind-control and didn't actually do anything other than a kiss, which is not pornographic at all, and was a display of Superman's inner strength and strong moral fibre.
Yeah yeah, Sleez also says that under hypnosis you cannot do anything you do not truly want. So apparently Big Barda had no problems ****ing people on camera even before the new actor, Superman, was presented.

It's just disgusting.

Big Barda is also based on Jack Kirby's wife.


And I don't have a problem with Ma and Pa Kent telling Lois that they raised both Clark and Superman, which in fact they did.
It's pretty retarded, especially when you want to do "modern" and less "silly". But Byrne's stories are full of stuff like that. In many ways Byrne's stories were in no way more "realistic" than the pre-crisis days.

Fact is, the post-crisis relaunch was just a failure in the short (bad stories) and the long run (damaging Superman forever). Thank god that guys like Ordway and Stern came on later and produced some good stories on this raunchy foundation. Even Wolfman did better pre-crisis.

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