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Default Re: What was Mark Waid's issues with the 1986 retelling?

Originally Posted by theMan-Bat View Post

All of the interesting stuff? Such as? This all of the interesting stuff of Superman to you?
1. most of the stuff wasn't really important anymore since the Bronze Age started
2. some stories have bad writing? Some puns here and there? LOL, Byrne's run is about 50% average, 20% good and 30% total ****.
3. Luthor didn't hate Superman because he made him bald. In fact, if they had fully integrated Maggin's Luthor into the comics he would have been the best Luthor ever. Better than Byrne's non-sense Luthor who is just a pathetic dumb being whose actions make no ****ing sense.
4. Clark Kent being a mild-mannered disguise is how Superman is meant to be. I know you hate this but it's just how it is and you cannot change it.
5. Nothing wrong with a lighter tone. Better than Superman making porn. You could have also written the pre-crisis Superman darker without sacrificing all of it.
6. What about Byrne actually using the "silly" stuff? Bizarro, Titano, the "Pocket Universe", Joker building nuclear-powered(!!!!!!!) Superman decoys...
7. Byrne's stories weren't overly realistic. He also couldn't keep a consistent power level. Sometimes Superman was pretty weak - next time he seemed as strong as in the pre-crisis days.
8. Superman executing depowered and helpless people is also not a very good move, no matter what they have done. (Of course, as she was dying Faora had to offer sex to Superman in exchange for her life. That's the sophistication of the post-crisis days, I guess)

Fact it, Byrne fans, you are totally blinded by childhood nostalgia. Maggin destroys him at every level possible (except for drawing, I guess).

Just because many people have problems with the pre-crisis Superman doesn't make the post-crisis Superman better. In fact, the final years of pre-crisis Superman weren't particualarly good but so were the first years of post-crisis. In many ways the reboot was just a waste. Get rid of the old stuff but replaced with stuff worse.

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