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Default Re: Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
You do realize that FF XIII was originally a PS2 title right?

Actually I didn't, lol. Either way, in the long run, I think by not following through and releasing it earlier, Square just created a bigger headache for themselves in the long run.

With the sales problems they've had (FFXIV, and their views on their own titles sales like their disappointment with TR), I'm sure they are timid about another FF being a a let down. I can understand being cautious, but it's to a point where it's making people who wanted the game to just lose interest.

A fresh start with a new story, and improvements from lessons learned this gen would be preferable to me personally. Something built from the ground up with the PS4 in mind. Rather than porting something made for this gen. Though at this point, my hopes for seeing vs XIII come out for the current gen is at The Last Guardian levels.

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