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Default Re: Julia Ormond - In Talks to Play Lara

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
Unless Julia dyes her hair color to something else, I think she’ll be the first actress with dark hair to portray the character in live action, since the previous actresses to have played Lara in live action format (S:TM-SIV, Superboy TV Series, LnC, Smallville) have all been either brunette, blonde, or something in the middle
Thank you for giving us the STUPID quote to respond too...

I'd like to see examples, it you're gonna name every live action series to ever exist, just to prove that Julia Ormond, a beautiful woman and a fine enough actress, should not play Lara... Especially based on her hair...

What about Byrne's 86 origin? Lara had no visible hair...

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