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Default Re: The Official Michael Shannon IS General Zod - Part 3

Originally Posted by ThePowerCosmic View Post
But why shouldn't he be able to create something like a teleportation machine? It's something that we're already working on in reality. I understand what you mean by improving already existing technology, and I agree, but something like teleportation should be possible in this universe. Although the homemade phantom zone projector and mind control machine would be lame imo...The MCU will soon have a man that uses a combination of technology and particles to shrink himself; DC needs to start with a bang, because they have a lot of ground to cover scientifically. Since Emil Hamilton will be in MoS, I'm hoping for S.T.A.R. Labs to make an appearance and show off some advanced technology.
As far as most people know, teleportation is 100% pure sci-fi. As such, improving on what we have currently, teleporting a lot of information, would be fine and cool and swell, and a little bit badarse if he explained it right and it was used well. Taking that to the purely sci-fi realm of teleporting people... meh. But again, all this goes out the window when he gets access to sci-fi tech, like Zod's.

Originally Posted by ThePowerCosmic View Post
... I also want his sheer genius to be conveyed properly and that should be shown in his technology.What sets him apart is that he's able to achieve and create things that most human scientists cannot. It's one of the reasons why he's such a formidable opponent for Superman.
I definitely, definitely don't think his genius should come across primarily in his technology. It's one thing to do something most human scientists cannot do. That's awesome and necessary. It's another thing to do something no human scientist could ever hope to do. That's weak, and shows he's not smart, he's a cartoon with special reality-ignoring powers. I think he should be formidable because of his intelligence and resourcefulness, not because of his inventing skills, though should be incidental, imho.

I think that's why it's important that Zod come first, because Zod brings with him tech and DNA that can be left over for Lex Luthor to manipulate and become an incredibly formidable opponent for Superman. #Ontopic?

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