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Default Re: The President Obama Thread: "Election Year" Edition III

Originally Posted by Matt View Post
I don't doubt that he likes playing basketball and does it to reduce stress. I am saying that the idea of releasing a picture of a man in slacks and oxfords shooting at a basket with Scottie Pippen defending him is obviously staged. It is patronizing that his handlers think that the American people are so oblivious that they would see that and say, "Y'know what? I was gonna stay home today, but by God, I will vote for Obama!"
You sure do pick some really dumb stuff to get angry about. Sway's hat and now this.

Originally Posted by CConn View Post
They should want him to win.

If he does, they'll get to vote for Marco Rubio in 4 years.
I think most Cubans hate him too. Cubans are very hateful people.

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