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Default Re: The Gaming Lounge: Beyond - Part 5

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
The first thing I thought about was their single player games and how like in Burnout Paradise, you could buy a pack to unlock all the cars, saving you hours of doing it yourself. That makes things less of a grind and they've implemented that into other titles. Its not stuff that you have to use but its there for those that dont want to go through the hassle.
Yeah, I just think it will mean seeing even more in game tasks that require a grind (and aren't currently present or natural) that can then be saved by purchasing microtransactions. More expense for those who can afford it and are willing to pay for things that might not have been present without the opportunity for the company to make money from it. Also more grinding in general for all those who have no intention of ever paying for these things.

I already don't like on games like Gotham City Impostors (a game at which I'm truly terrible ) that when you see a high rank you already believe that's it's paid up rather than earned.

Edit: From the developer's point of view it makes perfect sense though!

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