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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

El payaso, if you think Spider-man has been portrayed as a jesus allegory on the same level Superman has been in the movies, theres nothing more to be said about the subject.

Its one scene in spider-man (done much better in that movie than in SR) versus the whole characterization of krypton, jor-el and Superman.

Plus, the jesus allegory is just one of the minor problems. Its not the fact that they used it because superman has those connections but its the fact that they ONLY used that interpretation and whenever Singer talks about Superman, he talks about it. He clearly doesnt know the comics or the character at all to me or has a interpretation of the character that didnt sit well with a lot of fans and even the general public.

My big problem with the movie is The whole plot that simply doesnt work, the luthor scheme is ridiculous, superman is out of character by spying on lois, breaking up families, lois lane being horrible characterized also. He got the foundations of the superman story wrong. Superman, lois and luthor.

I dont like the whole story of the movie. That simply isnt Superman to me.

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