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Default Re: The Official DC Recommendations Thread

I'm looking to get into some older Batman stuff. I've read most of the big stories in the core titles from about 2002 (when I first started reading comics to now) to now. Basically I'm wondering what 90s and very beginning of the 00s stories aside from Long Halloween and Dark Victory (both of which I love) are worth reading and which should be avoided at all costs.

I've been enjoying the Batman Chronicles lately and I'm starting to dig the Golden Age stories but I'd really like to get into some stories from the silver age up to Crisis on Infinite Earths but Ive had no luck finding a general consensus on what pre-Crisis stories are considered essential.

Also, I've been reading the stories with Stephanie Brown as Batgirl and have been enjoying it a good deal but it got me wondering are the stories featuring Cassandra Cain as Batgirl worth a look? Are there any old stories starring Babs as Batgirl that are worth a look?

Lastly, are there any arcs from Legends of the Dark Knight that are worth a look? I read Gothic and Venom ages ago but other than that I haven't dabbled in LOTD stories. Was the replacement series Batman Confidential any good at all? I never really paid it any attention because of the barrage of other more pressing Batbooks going on at any given time but now that the series has ended I might check out some arcs if any of them are worthwhile.

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