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Default Re: Best Actors Worthy to play the "Real" Mandarin in Iron Man 4

Originally Posted by Pink Ranger View Post

Offending the Chinese shouldn't be a problem, as long as other modern Chinese people are portrayed fairly normally in the film. .
That simply isn't true. The communist dictatorship ruling China is incredibly thin-skinned, to the point that they won't let any foreign movie with a Chinese villain into the country, even if there are plenty of positive Chinese presentations in that same movie. It's just not happening.

However, they are only thin-skinned about Chinese villains, so there is a simple solution to this: only refer to his half Mongolian, half British heritage. Comic Mandarin is a half Mongolian, half British guy who was born in China. It's the simplest of minor retcons to simply have him be born in Mongolia or Britain, especially since he's all about Genghis Khan and not China to begin. It's barely even a retcon, considering how little he cares about China itself. The guy is all Genghis Khan Genghis Khan Genghis Khan, not China China China. So it's a retcon that doesn't even meaningfully impact what he's about.

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