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Default Re: What Villian Should be in the Sequel?

Originally Posted by Shemtov View Post
Cause I thought "Eh, he's a comic book charachter,so it's OK" but then I got doubts and asked my rabbi.
I consider myself a believer as well, but I didn't find much of an issue with the premise and here's why. In the film Jane Foster says something along the lines that primitive humans mistook advanced beings (Thor's people) for deities. She's strongly implying that they are not divine in any way. Furthermore, there is a grudging respect but never reverence or worship shown towards Asgardians even after the human characters find out about their true nature. It seems to me like Branagh made Asgardians out to be powerful yet highly flawed human-like aliens from a parallel dimension/universe rather than 'gods' in a literal sense.

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