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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 1

In terms of the death and destruction, some of you may be too young to remember 9/11. I was a month shy of 18 when it happened.

When 9/11 happened, it was a huge shock, to everybody I've spoken to who is North American and was of political conscious age at the time. It took over the entire national dialogue and everything people were discussing beforehand (California energy crisis, etc) faded into the background. My local newspaper published a special afternoon edition, which I've never seen it do at any other time. Classes were replaced by group discussions. In the following days, blood lust took over America. There was a lot of public support to just nuke Afghanistan, and even 2 years later Americans supported an invasion of Iraq (that cost 5,000 American lives and 3 trillion dollars) because a Saudi-led team crashed planes into the WTC. An Indian restaurant I knew in Columbus had its windows smashed, as revenge for 9/11 (A lot of Americans don't distinguish India from Saudi Arabia from Afghanistan).

I myself didn't attack any Indian restaurants, but I did write an irrational editorial for my college newspaper calling for an invasion of Afghanistan in the days following. I was angry the afternoon following the event, almost in tears, but mostly angry rather than sad. I certainly wasn't thinking about going to a place surrounded by death and destruction in every direction, and kissing my new girlfriend for the first time, and then cracking a bad joke "I'm pretty sure that only applies to other people".

As such, we don't need to look to ancient Greece to know how people would react, if we want to be realistic. There is going to be tremendous trauma in the world, as what happened in Metropolis is far worse than what happened in NY on 9/11. With respect to Superman, there will be huge cries of "alien go home" and calls for the government to just nuke him (which would be semi-consistent with the dark knight returns).

That's the way it needs to be if Snyder and Goyer want to be realistic. We'll see what they do. If Superman is just a hero for saving the world, then their realism will be as sound as Jor-El easily beating up Zod or Krypton having a much higher gravity than Earth.

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