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Default Re: Fox's Shared Universe

Originally Posted by kaijunexus View Post
lol wut?!

The only reason I'm claiming that there's no substantiating evidence in any of the articles that claim this deal was offered is because THERE WAS NO SUBSTANTIATING EVIDENCE THAT THIS DEAL WAS OFFERED!

The articles only ever state "sources". Now, sources could be Kevin Feige, or sources could be toilet paper in your bathroom. "Sources" means exactly diddly. How I feel about what was reported makes no difference. The fact is, the only sources actually named in regards to this supposed "deal" were the ones who were denying anything of the sort had taken place.

Also, interesting that you completely sidestepped trying to explain how losing the DD rights was a "calculated maneuver" that somehow helped them in regards to keeping the FF rights...

Still waiting on that, btw.
Sources are just that, sources. Many times they can't be named. So when reputable websites like Deadline say "sources" then there is usually good enough reason to trust them.

Clearly Fox cared more about FF than they did Daredevil. If they didn't then they probably would've given the rights back to Marvel when they asked for them. It's clear DD doesn't fit into their plan for their universe. Even if it wasn't a calculated maneuver it still told Marvel that they wanted to keep the rights to FF. Fox isn't going to let the rights to FF slip through their hands because FF fits into their plan.

And people keep saying how Millar is all talk because no one has spoken to him yet but Millar explained that in the interview yesterday. He's been busy with Kick-Ass 2. I'm sure this took up most of his time so he couldn't talk to everyone as much. I mean look at actors who are sent scripts for their movies and don't have time to read them until the day of shooting. It's clear now that he's done with KA2 he's going to be available for all of Fox's Marvel movies now.

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