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Default Re: Thor's power level

Originally Posted by ares834 View Post
Except Hemsworth's interview here basically says the opposite with Thor being less god-like.
Except this isn't the quote BT and I were referring to.

Ohp, down there you found it

It was a very good feat. But in the end it was a piece of "hanging" ice. What Thor did seems to have destabilized it causing the rest to collapse. Impressive to be sure, but not on some entirely other level. Heck, Hulk stopping the Leviathan or Thor killing a few with lightning both seem more impressive to me.

We were discussing The Dark World prelude comic which is presumably canon to the MCU.

Edit: Found the Hemsworth interview. This is what he says, "I really wanted to ramp up his skill set in battle. He's not just this Viking throwing the hammer. Here he's more demigod with dynamic moves we haven't seen before."

So with this quote and the other I'm not sure what's going to happen... lol
I don't know your full take on the matter yet, but I wouldn't worry, I think we will see Thor using a more powers than what we've seen

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