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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by Van Petrol View Post
Yeah, I agree amigo. I just hate that chant, as most of the time when it's used it's completely irrelevant to the situation, and most try to paint us as the dirtiest players in the game (no pun intended) when they are no better and more often than not, worse.
Yeah, Vieiria and Pires are long gone, football fans need to stop being like Canadian wrestling fans, stuck in 97 lol.

My gut is saying Chelsea, though I think both Liverpool and United are in with a good shout. I just don't think we've got the mettle or the bottle to see it through to the end.
I can't see us really challenging, our CM is too weak, I agree that Chelsea are still the favourites as I think Mourinho has the edge and the deep squad needed, but no one team is looking like dominating to me, all have weaknesses.

The problem with Vermaelen is he's to similar to Koscielny and is also prone to making mistakes. The BFG is such an underrated defender. What he lacks in pace, he makes up in his tactical awreness. He's also one of the cleanest tacklers there are around too. When Kos and the Verminator play together, they both like to push forward and attack the danger, which leaves us exposed if the danger breaks through. With Mertesacker there, he covers for one or the other, and due to his intelligence, knows where the danger will come from and/or through and is there waiting to make the interception. Although Ramsey was at fault for the goal, I just don't think that dude who used to play for us would have scored or even had as clean or clear a chance with the one he had.
I get what you mean, individually both Koscielny and Vermaelen have had great games for Arsenal but don't compliment each other, meaning Vermaelen is now better suited as Koscielny's back up these days. I agree with you on Mertersacker, I thought he was too slow, especially for the PL, when Wenger bought him, but his experience and the old "extra yard in his head" aspect make up for it and then some.

It just seemed so typical that we also had a flu/bug going through the squad, which was probably a factor in why we seemed so off the pace and out of it, and it also took down the BFG.
Is everyone healthy now are or they missing the International's?

Originally Posted by kit1982 View Post
You're preaching to the choir mate, we're still "Dirty Leeds" despite not being particularly dirty for at least 30 years!
Not to the under 20's mate, you're "Leeds? who's that?" I kid I kid!!! How's this season going so far?

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