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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by kit1982 View Post
Henderson just seems to be a slightly better Robbie Savage, all engine and the rare it of class...although to be that 2 more things than Cleverley (not a fan). I agree with Lallana, classy on the ball but he also put his foot in and worked hard. I actually think Rodriguez did alright considering how little he had to go on, again I thought he did well defensively. I think both deserve another shot. I'm unashamedly an Ashley Cole fan and thought Chile handled Baines really well, take away the delivery and there is a fairly average left back IMO.
I still think we are over reliant on Steven Gerrard which given his age is worrying.
Cleverley and Henderson fall into the same bracket as Barry and Milner for me, decent squad players at club level, but shouldn't be starting for clubs with trophy ambitions and aren't Internationals. Against Germany I'd like to see Lallana and Townsend start as they offer something different on each side, but I wouldn't object to Rodriguez playing again, these players need more than one game if they are gonna become Internationals. That's the thing with Baines, he's great offensively but there are question marks defensively. Yeah without Gerrard we looked a little square in CM, Wilshire tried to bring the ball out but he had no one giving him and option as Milner and Lamps were both static.

On Leeds mate it's very odd again in the Championship, 3 weeks ago we were near the bottom of the form guide and now we're 2nd in it. McCormack got 4 last week and we need more of the same from him as the other players are fairly workmen like. Also a question of how much money we have in January but on the whole I do believe McDermott is the right man and will take us up at some point.
My previous joke aside I really hope you get back up, it'll add to the PL big games IMO. If McCormack can become a regular scorer that will be the difference in my view, as if you look at teams that have gone up recently it's been more about the attack than the defense in the championship. What additions do you feel you'd need in January to get up this season?

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