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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by kit1982 View Post
Yep with you there mate, I've always hated how certain players got 45 minutes to prove themselves internationally, you wouldn't sign a player then dump him straight away if he had an average debut. On the same point I don't for a minute understand why Joe Hart is starting against Germany on Tuesday, we all know what he can do, we're meant to judge Fraser Forsters one game or John Ruddy's half a game against Hart's 37??
Exactly, it takes time for most players to get acclimated to playing for England but if you don't play for a supposed big club then you have to make an immediate impact, which is stupid. Fully agree on the keeper situation, Hart can't be fully trusted and Forster played well enough on Friday to warrant another full 90 minutes against Germany IMO, it's the only way to generate genuine competition for places and test these alternatives out..

On Lallana and Townsend, they just look typical Manchester United players to me mate. Obviously there's a massive difference in Quality between the two but Townsend has that raw pace and power out wide I associate with you lot. Just a shame you've got Fellaini and Young instead!
They are both the type of signing within the PL I'd like too see us make as opposed to overpriced players who've had a few solid seasons but shown no growth well into their 20's.

We desperately need Wingers, we don't have any at the club and the likes of Zaha, Ince, Kebe and Brady in recent years have shown how important they are in this league. Poor old 31 year old Stephen Warnocks expected to graft up and down the pitch as a wing back for 46+ games a year, which is fine if you're Patrice Evra but sadly there aren't a lot of them in this league! We've got 6 foot 6 Matt Smith upfront as well as Dexter Blackstock who is good in the air and as much as I don't want hoofball back, it seems silly not to make the most of them and at least be direct as a plan B.
Any chance of getting some wing options on loan? Zaha, Sterling, Gnarby and Chadli seem like they wont see a lot of game time at their clubs this season and could be good options.

It'd be great to just have big games under the floodlights again at Elland Road, it's got that same feel as Goodison and White Hart Lane when it's rocking. I'll always remember when you lot played Galatasary and a journo was asking Fergie about the atmosphere in the stadium overawing them, to which Fergie replied "You think it's bad here, you should try going to Leeds".

God I miss Fergie
Me too mate! No doubt about it, I remember recent League Cup night games at Elland Road for us and Liverpool against you guys and the crowd was electric on both occasions. I also remember how pissed Fergie was when you knocked us out the FA Cup a few years back as he felt our players didn't respect and understand what a big game Man Utd vs Leeds is.

Originally Posted by Van Petrol View Post
I do agree, though I think experience could be what holds the trump card in this title race.
This is why I think it could well come down to Wenger vs Mourinho, the two guys that know about winning league titles.

I think they're all with their respective International sides now, but I think Wenger is hoping they don't play Ozil, as he seems exhausted and the matches aren't really important now.
Did Ozil play on Friday? I could see Germany playing him against England tomorrow night as they'll probably go all out, but in truth they have so many options they really should be able to placate Wenger's wishes.

LuLu seems like such a likable guy. He was sitting in the stands with the away fans at Dortmund last week.
Always good to see a non homegrown player full embrace the club, when is he due back?

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