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Default Re: "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be Hemsworthy, shall possess the power of Tho

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
Double Post...

So are we to assume that Thor is a god in the MCU??? I get the feeling Stark referring to Thor as a "demigod" was just kinda like, through this out of my hat. We heard Loki say "I am a God!" Black Widow "You might want to sit this one out Cap, these guys are from legend, they're basically gods". And at the end, nick fury "I just didn't argue with the God that did".

Speaking of that, who does the council think they are!? When Samuel L Jackson says the god thing, he is like "and you let him take the tesseraact, and the war criminal Loki, who should be facing for his crimes". Really? Really? What do you expect to do? Loki is a God. Thor is a god. What kind of arrogance must they have if he thinks that their decisions should over rule Thors??

Did that bother anyone else? Not bother as in, a movie flaw, bother as in, what the hell is wrong with you councilman!?
They are basically the same they've ever been in comics: extra-dimensional, immortal beings who were once worshipped as deities by people of earth. So, yes, they are gods.

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