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Default Re: "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be Hemsworthy, shall possess the power of Tho

Originally Posted by spider-neil View Post
the usual superhero cliqué is to make the hero lose his power in the sequel seeing as they did that in the debut movie I'm hoping they can give thor a threat which doesn't resort to him being depowered.

an easy and wrote storyline for thor 2 would be having jane come to turns with the terms with the man she loves never growing old and the thor coming to terms with the women he loves eventually growing old and dying. yes, it sounds interesting and personal but we've SEEN IT before (highlander). I hoping they introduce an epic storyline like for instance; twlight of the gods
where surter rises to power.

don't set it earth, I HATED the earth section of the thor movie. slow, ponderous, uninteresting. didn't believe for one second by the super intelligence of portman, didn't buy the chemistry between here and hemsworth.
ditch earth, it's not needed for the sequel.
1. I think we've also seen that "Old Mortal Age vs Longevity" issue shown in films like "LOTR" as well when it came to Aragorn and Arwen.

2. Given that Feige and others have said that Thor 2 will take place in the nine realms, I doubt that we'll spend much time on Earth. If anything, I'd argue that the only time that we'll see Thor on Earth is when he goes to pick up Jane and bring her to Asgard for awhile.

3. In regards to "Superhero Formula", it's only been the CR Superman films and Sam Raimi Spiderman Films where where they've followed it with the first film dealing with the origins, the second film dealing with the hero being depowered in order to pursue their love interest, and the third film showing the supposed darker side of the character (and ironically both were horribly executed as well in different

I don't think we'll get that in Thor's singular franchise. The good thing about Thor's development is that he also gets to use his time spent on the Avengers films as a means of developing in new ways as well.

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