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Default Re: MCU: Phase II - Part 1

Even if the Avengers films take place in a span of a few months, what happens when Thanos invades? All of PII and PIII are happening in a span of a few months or a couple of years? I don't know. Just seems unlikely. Almost improbable. At least a couple of years need to pass. I don't see Marvel retreading previous territory. So unless the timeline moves at a snails place, the chronology will lengthen and characters will evolve.

I like how TDKR supposely has very large time gap since TDK. If the third movie leaves enough flexibility, Batman 4-6 could take place in between that with a younger actor. Plenty of time to explore so many Batman characters. That's how I would do a trilogy overlapping many years. Have a trilogy consistent with the age of your cast, without resorting to using makeup and CGI to age/de-age actors unless it is a neccessity.

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