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Default Re: MCU: Phase II - Part 1

Originally Posted by AvengeME View Post
So casting a 30 year old actor to play an aging Stark is the right move? When the actor needs to at least look the age and not resort to makeup and greying hair? Doesn't seem to jive.

In any event, I was watching Through the Wormhole last night and they were talking about resurrecting the dead with artificial bodies and preserving data within the brain in hard drives and what not. Maybe Tony Stark will go down that path as well. It just needs an explanation as such.
While I think characters need to continue to develop and grow, I don't think they need to age. The only major Marvel character who has aged and moved from one stage of life to another throughout the comics has been Spider-Man. Tony Stark and Bruce Banner have been in their 30s for ~50 years in comics. Their characters have grown, but they haven't aged. It's the nature of sliding timelines in comics.

I don't think the movies need to be any different. Even if a bunch of time passes in the MCU and a lot of crap happens, I think Tony Stark can still be in his early 40s (or even in his 30s), Steve Rogers should still look like he's in his late 20s/early 30s, etc. and still be true to their characters.

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