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Default Ideas for the new costume in the Batman reboot

I say suit because Bale's Batman has been defined by his armor, and restricted in fighting because of the costume.

I think Batman needs to be light and flexible in the reboot; he needs to be able to perform acts of espionage and be able to out-fight the criminals. I'm not suggesting a return to the literal tights of the comics; I'm just suggesting soft modern materials, all black, and utilitarian in design.

Batman's technology needs to get away from the grappling hook and ninja arm bracers.

The gloves and the shoes could feature a glue like technology similar to the gloves in Mission Impossible 4; supplying Batman with an ability that was formerly Spider-Man's territory.

The mask should cover the entire face and thus protect the entire face. My personal preference for design would be similar to the Kroenen mask in the image below, but with a sculpted mouth and chin. I think the mask should refelct that the idea that this is a Bat-man.

The ears/horns are an issue of their own. I might prefer short horns like Miller's Dark Knight, but long or short, I don't want to see them curved inward like cat ears again.

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