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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Cain View Post
This is why I love how layered this movie is because you can always pick something new up with every rewatch

When I got older and had seen a lot of expressionistic and noirish films I also had a lot of the themes and concepts in this movie hit me in the face even more clearly.

Now I'm trying my best to get into viewing operas and other forms of theater since I've never really been into those forms of art and being exposed to that opens up even more chambers of depth within both Burton Bat films. These type of influences give them both a unique way to present familiar tropes of the Batman mythos (duality, obsession, love, vengeance etc.) in a new light.

For that reason I find them pretty timeless and am grateful for their existence as a fan.
*nod* I'm getting older now (pushing 33), and the usual action shlock is getting on my nerves more and more. James Bond and his endless variations and clones just don't appeal to me as much they once did. It's pretty much what happened when I outgrew Rambo and his ilk... I moved on to action heroes with more depth. Now even they are beginning to bore me.

Maybe I'll go on about Batman Returns at some point, but I don't think I have the balls to break that one down. Of all the older bat-movies I watched during my marathon that's the one I had the biggest change of heart about. I went from mildly ambivalent to outright loving it. Quite a turn around for me.

Back to Batman 89 itself -- one of the other surprises I had during the marathon was Knox's character. When I was a kid, sometimes when I got to his parts, I would fast forwarded the tape a bit. Now I sort of like him. Yes he's obnoxious and pushy, but he's also a diligent and plucky reporter who sticks to his guns in the face of mockery from his colleagues. Knox also has a heroic streak in him which I like a lot. All those personal traits are probably why he was the only one (besides Vicki) who caught on to what was really going on when the Bat Legend began spreading beyond the low lifes of Gotham City.

Vicki also ends up being very fond of him in spite of all his false bravado. So Knox has gone from seemingly annoying and pointless character to being okay in my book because now I'm older, and thus capable of appreciating his finer points

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