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Wink Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by TruerToTheCore View Post
Well, people that grew up with the Burton movies think they are accurate... simply because it shaped their picture of Batman so they see everything from that perspective. They read the old Batman comics are start to twist them to fit their vision. Since I read Batman long before the movie I can assure you that the movie is in no way representative of the comics. You could even start with the look of Gotham City, as great as it is.
It is representative of the comics. We're talking about film and not the printed page. Burton and his team brought an exciting visual aspect to the first Batman film, and to say that it's look or subject matter is so far removed from "the comics" is completely untrue.

I don't feel your assessment holds any more weight just because you "read comics before anyone else did." I was reading Batman comics from the mid-80s and while the movie wasn't a dear letter representative of the comics, let's say, from the 60's (or even the early 80s books... Doctor Death anyone?)... the movie was a solid representation of the Batman character, what he was about, and the issues he dealt with within himself which motivated him to be a vigilante.


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