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Default Re: DC Relaunching Everything? - Part 10

Originally Posted by CConn View Post
Don't say yeah when you're point is totally different than mine.
i agreed that like you, im also buying less comics. i wasnt agreeing with whatever point you were making. if yer working for the SHH! Dick of the Year Award, i would suggest not being so desperate. Some wit wouldnt hurt either. You might be able to slip by if it's been a slow year for dickery on these boards though. i'm only telling you this because someone with 56,000 posts on the internet can do better with their dickery. and i believe you can.

Originally Posted by CConn View Post
But, I think, the real question is, is it the creative teams or the rebooted universe that's causing people to buy less (in some cases, as DC's sales ARE up, of course).
bit of both. but mainly, for me, it'd be the rebooted universe. at least when you had a crappy creative team, you still had a solid base status quo that can be returned to with a better creative team. but when you have no base, even a good creative team can only do so much.

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