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Default Re: DC Relaunching Everything? - Part 10

Originally Posted by Saint View Post
On an unrelated note, anyone who isn't reading Indestructible Hulk and Thor: God of Thunder is the world's biggest chump.
I don't think they are chumps but they are missing out on some good comics. Good writing and fantastic art. That's usually the winning combination.

I've been reading less DC AND Marvel and have been finding amazing books outside of the big 2. I think I'm reading more Image books than I am Marvel books...even with Thor and Hulk added to my pull list.

When it comes to DC they just seem to enjoy cancelling the books that I like. I'm still reading Batman, Batman and Robin, Batman INC, Action Comics, Demon Knights, The Flash, Justice League Dark, Dial H, Animal Man, and Swamp Thing. They cancelled OMAC and, recently, Frankenstein. I'll be dropping Action Comics once Morrison leaves so there goes another one. However, I'll be adding Green Arrow once Lemire takes that book over.

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