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Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
Well, if that were the cases, then why didn't Batman Begins, Star Trek, or X-Men: First Class make it to the 400 Million WW mark in BO?lol

I mean, I believed all three of those films were great in quality and had good worth of mouth, but I'm very perplexed on how those films never made it to the 400 Mark when so many other films of lesser quality and WOM did make it and even pass it.
Because all of those movies had certain stigmas to them. Batman flamed out with B&R, Star Trek has never really been the big blockbuster, First Class came off a movie that was mixed and another that was a pos. Plus no Wolverine, the character is still the biggest draw of that franchise.

All three didn't make it cause their overseas totals were quite low.



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