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Default Re: After Nolan's BATMAN trilogy... - Part 1

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
I don't even see how a batman reboot by 2017 would be feasible assuming the focus for WB is now on MOS and JL?

I mean you're likely to get a MOS sequel in 2016 and a potential sequel to JL in 2018 (assuming a 2015 release date). I don't see how they could fit in a rebooted batman franchise in the middle of all of that?
Why not? It's like..perfect timing.

JL hits in 2015, MOS 2 in 2016, Batman solo in 2017, JL 2 (may not happen) in 2018. Sounds fine to me.

Unless ur not aware that Batman will of course be rebooted within Justice League??

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