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Default Re: After Nolan's BATMAN trilogy... - Part 1

Originally Posted by ChukNoris View Post
Treat the next series like the James Bond series (directors are asked not to pretend the previous movies never happened). Don't reboot it. Have several different villains before introducing the Joker, Bane, and Scarecrow. Here are a few villains that could be used:

Riddler Mr. Freeze
Penguin Victor Zsas
Hugo Strange
Black Mask

All these villains are easy to portray as 'real'. Also, I think Denzel Washington would make an EXCELLENT Commissioner Gordon.

And finally, take several movies for the characters to develop (Harvey Dent, Robin, etc) instead of just 1 movie (TDK)
Problem: they *can't* "not reboot it." A Bond style continuation requires something to continue from, and the Nolan films flat out make that impossible. They could, theoretically, make it a continuation of the older Burton/Schumacher films. . . but do I really need to explain why that would be an awful idea?

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