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Default Re: After Nolan's BATMAN trilogy... - Part 1

^ Agreed.

Originally Posted by Bigjxxx View Post
That seems like an answer from an Nolanite. So, sue me if I am a fan of the Golden Age Batman (and Superman). Time to remove the political correctness from Batman and Superman.
People are so ignorant to throw around "Nolanite" just for the heck of it.

If Joker was a "Nolanite", he'd be obsessed with the entire trilogy when, he's simply not. He has problems with TDKR and that doesn't seem like a "Nolanite" if you ask me. Also, if he was a "Nolanite", he'd be complaining about any talk of a Batman reboot as well as a "Nolanite" would think TDK trilogy would be God's gift to Man, but once again, Joker does not.

And I'm only trying to educate people here....don't throw around "Nolanite" just because when it makes absolutely no sense to most people.

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