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Default Re: NOW which film is your favourite??

I've never quite understood the distinction between great movie vs. great Batman movie. A movie about Batman is intrinsically a Batman film regardless of the angle that it takes with it. Dark Knight is by definition a Batman movie even though it explores ancillary characters more than the other ones do. That emphasis on supporting characters was only to further define Bruce/Batman in a more macro sense.

I feel like each entry in the trilogy cover the Batman iconography as it pertains to different phases in his life. They're all exemplifying different aspects of the character and are able to unique in that regard while still telling a progressing story. With Begins you have the predatory creature of the night aspect of Batman, in Knight he is as it his prime and taking on some of his most iconic rouges in a relative position of notoriety, and Rises depicts him as an aging legend. The most basic architecture of Bruce's character arc is there.

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