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Default Re: The Wolverine - Bloodier Extended Director's Cut on Bluray?

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
No more Silver Samurai for me. Ichiro Yashida IS Silver Samurai in this franchise, he was the lead villain in the 6th X-Men movie and he's dead. They should just make room for the villains we haven't seen before in film.
Yeah I think your right, I dont see him coming back anytime soon

Originally Posted by righthooksrus86 View Post
True I've just had a soft spot for the character and I wish they'd done him justice in this film.
Yeah I see your point but I dont think they did a bad job with Yashida, at least they built a decent character around the SS in this film, the connection between him and Logan does make more sense for him to be SS rather than Harada in the end.

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