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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by Tra-El View Post
Cavill didn't rise to the occasion so much that they are bringing him back to stand alongside Amy Adams, Diane Lane and Laurence Fishbourne, directed by Zack Snyder and written by David S. Goyer.

Tell me, Tobias, since we are by all accounts assuming according to your post, can Superman/Batman/WF/MOS2 still considered NOT to be a sequel if they do indeed follow-up the aftermath of MOS?

Lex Luthor is rumored to be cast and the MOS team is returning, Cavill included.

Is it possible we would be getting the continuation of MOS with Bruce written into the script, or does the presence of Batman make it a non-sequel even if they continue Superman's story?

You have a lot to play with from now until the title of the film or when more information is released. Looking forward to seeing how you bend your assumptions to form your own reality.

Also, why in Gods name would WB pit a new Batman with such a disappointing Superman in Man of Steel just to reintroduce his franchise? Wouldn't they just...............reboot Batman altogether for a standalone reboot and save Superman for JL (as your post up top suggests)?

Who knows, I think its a case where WB may feel they need Batman in the next film for it to make more than MOS. There is that Tomb Raiders syndrome and WB may have feared a stand-alone MOS sequel would fall victim to it.

The question is what happens after the next film? Safe bet the focus turns to re-launching stand-alone Batman films. Will Cavill star in a stand-alone Superman film again - its not a certainty.

As to bringing the same team back yes and its a worry. Cavill just is not a solid actor and if they were to bring in a Bale-like actor Cavill's Superman will, I'm afraid, lose out in common scenes. Cavill did not capture the public's imagination in the role as Reeve did. It would be a bit much to recast yet again after having recast the previous Supes actor.

Not just Cavill. The script was poor, pacing bad and dialog not good. The critics were right. My fear is that this team will hurt Batman's re-launch which I think the next film's focus is meant to be.

Argue all you want as to what this means but it is a first that a sequel to a comic book film features a more popular character than the main character in the first film. This is not business as usual and Snyder's comments are proof of that.

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