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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - - - - - Part 14

Who knows, I think its a case where WB may feel they need Batman in the next film for it to make more than MOS. There is that Tomb Raiders syndrome and WB may have feared a stand-alone MOS sequel would fall victim to it.
So now it is a MOS sequel....just not a "standalone" one? What if, by some chance, even with this new Batman making the appearance in MOS2, that it still combats with the Tomb Raider sydrome? Is this new Batman that much of a guarantee? I think not.

I think it's the other way around. I believe MOS hit the mark, which allowed WB to bring back Batman at the right time and allow audiences to embrace a new Batman alongside the new and improved Superman MOS franchise. This is STILL MOS's world, NOT Batman's.

The question is what happens after the next film?
I don't know, you tell me. I can GUESS that spinoffs such as WW or other solo films like the Flash/Aquman cross-overs will set up JL, which is the plan in the end anyhow.

Safe bet the focus turns to re-launching stand-alone Batman films
Judging by what? The already success's of Superman/Batman that doesn't even exist? So you're telling me that the success's of MOS2 will lead into solo Bat films, but NOT Superman? Haha. Typical.

Will Cavill star in a stand-alone Superman film again - its not a certainty.
Not sure what IS a certainty at this point. All I know, is what IS a certainty. And the certainty IS, is that we have our new generation Superman with Henry Cavill returning. So much emphasis on a Batman that isn't even cast yet. Just goes to show the haters for MOS. It defiantly shows.

As to bringing the same team back yes and its a worry.
WB seems not to worry. Afterall, they are bringing back a cast and team that disappointed them SO, SO much..

Cavill just is not a solid actor and if they were to bring in a Bale-like actor Cavill's Superman will, I'm afraid, lose out in common scenes.
Where you getting this from? WB's letter in reply?

Cavill did not capture the public's imagination in the role as Reeve did. It would be a bit much to recast yet again after having recast the previous Supes actor.
Where are you getting this from? WB's letter in reply? IF Cavill's performance was SO BAD, then why does MOS hold a strong audience ratings and WB is bringing this disappointing Superman back to stand alongside this...I guess already, successful Batman...that's not even cast yet?

Not just Cavill. The script was poor, pacing bad and dialog not good.
Oh, now it's NOT just Cavill's God awful, disappointing performance that didn't capture the audiences eye....

The critics were right.
Must be. And they were right about Superman Returns as well as they are STILL awaiting that sequel....

Argue all you want as to what this means
I don't need to argue. I got all your assumptions to go off of. Must be true.

but it is a first that a sequel to a comic book film features a more popular character than the main character in the first film.
So now it is a sequel? Make up your assumption and stick with it...

is it a sequel to MOS or not?

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