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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - - - - - Part 14

Yes, it seems for the next years TV will be the focus for DC characters and not films. Other than Batman and team-ups - pending on how well this next film does.
I'm sure it will do fine and if it is the huge success it's predicted to be, then I'm SURE we'll be getting more solo movies heading into Justice League. I like this approach.

I've heard CW is considering a WW series too.
We're gearing up to line our ducks in a row for the eventual Justice League, which who's to say solo films may not follow after JL as well, like a WW or Aqua Man? MOS was the groundwork to the universe; Superman/Batman is the beginning to the shared blue-print.

The Flash announcement was a disappointment to me as I wanted a Flash film in the next few years. Not likely now.
It will be likely if A.) It's as popular as the Green Arrow T.V series and B.) Superman/Batman does big.

As to MOS, WB looks at the holds/drops. MOS had very poor legs along the lines of GL.
It had such poor legs that the film is going to flirt with the $650 million dollar benchmark WW. What was GL's again?

That drove the change of direction away from another stand-alone Superman film IMO.
Cavill, along with Snyder confirming the Bat Easter Egg, sure did talk about the Bats way before MOS was even released in interviews, plugs and such. The logic was talked about and there to support a WF was in the works ALL ALONG.

It was apparently sudden and Snyder is not happy with it.
Yeah, his annoucment at SDCC seemed miserable. So miserable that the crowd didn't make a peep when the annoucement was made. Oh, wait.

I'd expect a focus on a stand-alone Batman for maybe as early as 2017 and maybe a second Bats and then, with the TV series and all, a JL film. 2020, 2021? Cavill finishing out his run in that film I suppose.
Haha, no f'n way we will get a JL in 2021. You think they're going to wait 8 long years to get JL off the ground when Marvel will already be 2 Avengers, maybe more, in?

Yeah, dude. I don't think so. We'll see JL by 2017 and who knows, maybe another Superman solo film in the mix to go along with the DCU since Superman IS a key holder to the team.

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