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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
I really think Loki is going to have some alternative motive.

I know this is over analytical. But "When you betray me, I will kill you"..I remember reading in some synopsis that Malekith is "egged on by Loki", will he have his own motives? Loki isn't helping Thor for redemption.

I think he is going to secretly turn over Jane to Malekith. The scene where the hand cut happens, seems to be the same scene in the trailer, where Malekith is levitating Jane. Loki won't just give up Jane, knowing it will get him killed by Thor. Perhaps he WAS going to betray Thor, and cut his hand off. Heimdal sees this.

Loki knows what the result would be, so he changes his plan, being the classic trickster, plays both sides, so that he gets what he wants, by letting Malekith "take" Jane, yet stays in Thor's good grace, cause it won't seem like he actually betrayed him. It would sort of correlate with Tom's comment, about Loki slipping through the cracks. The trickster.

I could be thinking too deeply, but I am really trying to think outside the box here.

Oh I have no doubt that unless the rumors of Frigga dying are true, that Loki is playing Thor and The Dark Elves. He wants to be free from whatever imprisonment he's experienced since the end of Avengers.

But... If Frigga does get slain by the Elves then I could see Loki working a vengeance angle into his overall plans.

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