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Default Re: Orci Wants Favourite Starscream Quotes!

It really doesn't matter to me if they put my favorite StarScream quote in the movie if the movie StarScream doesn't look or sound like he did in the cartoon at all. Here's an about writing lines for this new StarScream that might become my new favorite StarScream quote? For me, the nostalgia worked for movie Optimus Prime because he sounded and kinda looked like the classic Prime. I don't think it can work for any of the other TF's since, at least to me, they don't really resemble their G1 counterparts enough that taking quotes from the cartoons and/or comics would give me the feeling I felt when I heard and saw Prime in the movie.

Maybe Orci should get off the messageboards and get back to writing instead of trying to get the fans to help him write the script.

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