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Default Re: Superman's power level - Part 1

Originally Posted by Dr. View Post
Bad science aside, the bigger objection might be that “turning back time” is a massive deus ex machina - a narrative cheat. Moreover, a major feat like that really should have had a bit of foreshadowing - some hint (at least) that time-travel was among Supes’ arsenal of powers. Otherwise, it comes across as a wtf? moment.
I never claimed it's possible.. I am only pointing out that if Superman indeed could travel faster than the speed of light (which is bad science), anything's possible then.. and yes, of course, a fictitious character that can travel faster than the speed of light is a cop-out.. because you'll be god-like and could possibly create universes...

Actually… according to certain “wormhole time machine” models, you could travel backward in time - but no earlier than the date the machine was invented. So for example, the 1985 DeLorean could go to 2015 and then back to 1985. But 1955 is forbidden.
That's one of them... if you include multi-verse theories, you can jump thru to other universes without (and back in time in that universe)... and there are others...

Real physics is stranger than fiction...

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